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Bishop Ron Webb

Author of Leadership From Behind The Scenes/
Christian T.V. Show “Leadership From Behind The Scenes” on PTL Network
Senior Pastor-Bishop Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church
Poplar Bluff, Missouri

In her book, Prophetic Reconstruction: The Remnant's Response, Evangelist Amber Brown challenges our thinking and causes us to refocus on the new wine skin. This book is a Prophetic Recall and will certainly charge us to push the restart button moving forward. The Revelation in this book brings a new meaning to Isaiah 43 “Behold I will do a new thing.” This is the kind of book you can interview and take all over the world to jumpstart God’s people. Amber is a noted Author as well as Co-Author of Shaking Hands with Wisdom, and Sought after Speaker that challenges you to Leadership and equips you to Rise To The Mission in these last days. Every 5-Fold Ministry gift and anyone entering into ministry, this is a must read, and I highly recommend the reading of this book to all faith filled believers who are unsure what direction to take, I believe this book will help guide you to the future.

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Purchase Books: About

Prophetess Kimberly Moses

Publisher, Founder, and Author of Rejoice Essential Network
Florence, South Carolina

We are living in the last days and among a wicked and perverse generation. So much has happened in the prophetic community where we see prophets against one another. Some aren't truly hearing the heart of the Father but speaking from their flesh. As a result, many are wounded, confused, and shun prophetic ministry. "Prophetic Reconstruction," written by Evangelist Amber M. Brown, is the solution the prophets need. Her book is like spiritual CPR and will stir up prophets to focus on the One who died on the Cross for their sins.

God is using this book as a reminder to stay humble. As you read the pages in the book, you can sense the urgency of the Holy Spirit to repent, get right with God, and stay focused on what we are called to do because time is short. "Prophetic Reconstruction" comes straight from the throne of heaven and is designed to help heal wounds and divides in the Body of Christ. Evangelist Amber M. Brown's penmanship brings life to the reader who may have gotten weary to "rise to the mission" and be about our Father's Business. I highly recommend this book to those who don't know their purpose, sitting on the sidelines, the broken, and weary. Also, every prophetic minister needs to have a copy of this read in their arsenal to keep their heart pure and motives right in God's sight.

Dr. John Veal

Senior Pastor-Prophet
Enduring Faith Christian Center
Chicago, Illinois

There is a remnant rising in this hour that will lay hold to the promises of God in this season and refuse to let go! They are mission-minded, as they pursue His mandate. Their fervency will provoke others to jealousy, causing some to embrace a new prophetic paradigm. In this season of reconstruction, prophetic warriors such as Amber M. Brown are rising up! They are laying claim to the truths of God and responding to His clarion call. Amber’s desire is to show you how to re-enter not just a building, but become part of a spiritual reconstruction crew! This crew is a remnant of people that will take the church to an entirely new level in God! They will deconstruct the plans of the enemy and construct the ministry of the Most High!
In her new book, Prophetic Reconstruction: The Remnant’s Response, Amber displays a spiritual boldness and insight regarding the current state of the church. She diagnosis the “dis-ease” that has crept into the prophetic part of the ecclesia and gives remedies for the various ailments that seek to deconstruct it. Brown literally speaks to the architecture; seeking to produce a possible change that could alter its current design. Her use of Scripture is lavish; further cementing the points made within this literary work. She wants the church to reset, regain, and refocus in order to awaken the Kingdom within them as never before! Evangelist Brown’s latest work is a love letter to the Body of Christ.

In Ephesians 4:15, the Bible admonishes us to speak the truth in love. This is exactly what she does in “Prophetic Reconstruction: The Remnant’s Response”. This book is primarily for those that desire change. It’s for those that are cognizant of the time that they have left on Earth and truly want to accomplish more for the Lord. It’s for those who seriously want to get their prophetic gift moving in an entirely brand new way. I am excited about this message to the Body from Amber! I believe that it has the potential to provoke change in those that truly receive it. I believe that this writing will be a welcome addition to other reading material that you’ve gathered in your prophetic war chest.

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